Holidays in Russia

Holidays in Russia

Upcoming Holidays in Russia

Medical Worker Day #professional June 20, 2021 today
Kupala Night (Eastern Slavic) #religious July 6, 2021 15 days
Day of Family, Love and Fidelity July 8, 2021 17 days
Peter and Fevronia Day July 8, 2021 17 days
Navy Day July 25, 2021 34 days

List of Holidays in Russia in 2021

New Year's Day Friday Jan 1
Christmas Day (Orthodox) #religious Thursday Jan 7
Ornithologist day #professional Friday Feb 19
Defender of the Fatherland Day Tuesday Feb 23
Cat Day #animals Monday Mar 1
Maslenitsa #religious Monday Mar 8 Mar 14, 2021
International Women's Day #international #worldwide Monday Mar 8
The Day of Geodesy and Cartography Sunday Mar 14
Orthodox Lent #religious Monday Mar 15 May 1, 2021
Clean Monday #religious Monday Mar 15
Geologists Day Sunday Apr 4
Cosmonautics Day Monday Apr 12
Labour Day #worldwide Saturday May 1
Orthodox Easter #religious Sunday May 2
Radio Day Friday May 7
Victory Day Sunday May 9
Military Translator Day Friday May 21
Polar Explorer Day Friday May 21
Border Guards Day Friday May 28
Chemist's Day Sunday May 30
International Children's Day Tuesday Jun 1
Russia Day #national Saturday Jun 12
Medical Worker Day #professional Sunday Jun 20
Kupala Night (Eastern Slavic) #religious Tuesday Jul 6
Day of Family, Love and Fidelity Thursday Jul 8
Peter and Fevronia Day Thursday Jul 8
Navy Day Sunday Jul 25
Railway Workers' Day #professional Sunday Aug 1
Builder's Day Sunday Aug 8
Sports Day Saturday Aug 14
Day of Air Fleet of Russia Sunday Aug 15
Knowledge Day Wednesday Sep 1
Sobriety day Saturday Sep 11
Programmer Day Monday Sep 13
International Day of Older Persons Friday Oct 1
Russian Ground Forces Day Friday Oct 1
Russian Aerospace Defence Forces Day Monday Oct 4
Teacher's Day Tuesday Oct 5
Unity Day #national Thursday Nov 4
Naval Infantry Day Saturday Nov 27
Mother's Day Sunday Nov 28
Heroes Day Thursday Dec 9
Strategic Missile Troops Day Friday Dec 17