Holidays in Russia

Holidays in Russia

Upcoming Holidays in Russia

Ornithologist day #professional February 19, 2022 28 days
Defender of the Fatherland Day February 23, 2022 32 days
Maslenitsa #religious February 28, 2022 37 days
Cat Day #animals March 1, 2022 38 days
Orthodox Lent #religious March 7, 2022 44 days

List of Holidays in Russia in 2022

New Year's Day Saturday Jan 1
Christmas Day (Orthodox) #religious Friday Jan 7
Ornithologist day #professional Saturday Feb 19
Defender of the Fatherland Day Wednesday Feb 23
Maslenitsa #religious Monday Feb 28 Mar 6, 2022
Cat Day #animals Tuesday Mar 1
Orthodox Lent #religious Monday Mar 7 Apr 23, 2022
Clean Monday #religious Monday Mar 7
International Women's Day #international #worldwide Tuesday Mar 8
The Day of Geodesy and Cartography Sunday Mar 13
Geologists Day Sunday Apr 3
Cosmonautics Day Tuesday Apr 12
Orthodox Easter #religious Sunday Apr 24
Labour Day #worldwide Sunday May 1
Radio Day Saturday May 7
Victory Day Monday May 9
Polar Explorer Day Saturday May 21
Military Translator Day Saturday May 21
Border Guards Day Saturday May 28
Chemist's Day Sunday May 29
International Children's Day Wednesday Jun 1
Russia Day #national Sunday Jun 12
Medical Worker Day #professional Sunday Jun 19
Kupala Night (Eastern Slavic) #religious Wednesday Jul 6
Day of Family, Love and Fidelity Friday Jul 8
Peter and Fevronia Day Friday Jul 8
Navy Day Sunday Jul 31
Railway Workers' Day #professional Sunday Aug 7
Sports Day Saturday Aug 13
Builder's Day Sunday Aug 14
Day of Air Fleet of Russia Sunday Aug 21
Knowledge Day Thursday Sep 1
Sobriety day Sunday Sep 11
Programmer Day Tuesday Sep 13
International Day of Older Persons Saturday Oct 1
Russian Ground Forces Day Saturday Oct 1
Russian Aerospace Defence Forces Day Tuesday Oct 4
Teacher's Day Wednesday Oct 5
Father's Day Sunday Oct 16
Unity Day #national Friday Nov 4
Mother's Day Sunday Nov 27
Naval Infantry Day Sunday Nov 27
Heroes Day Friday Dec 9
Strategic Missile Troops Day Saturday Dec 17